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The Sports Valve : Motorcycle News Australia Oct/Nov 2016

Many thanks to journalist Terry Stevenson for the comprehensive article on Sports Valves featuring in the last edition Motorcycle News Australia."The design is a boon for owners of older racebikes looking for a level of fork fine-tuning to cut lap times. Once fitted, you can enjoy a safer riding experience knowing the front end will [...]

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"The SPORTS VALVES have made noticeable improvements to the front end and it feels extremely planted."

" I have just installed your valves into the forks of my Harris GSX and been to the Shorai. I thought it handled well before, but it's even better. The valves have made noticeable improvements to the front end and it feels extremely planted. Corner entry under heavy braking and mid corner speed are [...]

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The First WORLD DUCATI WEEK - Bitsa, Massimo Bordi, and Me!

Now a huge global event, World Ducati Week (also known simply as WDW) began in 1998 as a factory publicity event. And I was there at the very first one with my extra special bike, Bitsa ('Bitsa this & Bitsa that'!).And so was Massimo Bordi! Massimo Bordi is known as the architect of the 4-valve [...]

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Celebrating 4 Years in New Zealand (and remembering the fun of moving 48 tonnes of machinery!)

Four years ago, we packed 48 tonnes of engineering gear and bikes into 4 x 40ft containers in the UK and set off for New Zealand. When we arrived, we had the luxury of a whole 6 weeks to find a home for them before they arrived. No pressure! Luckily Steve was already in New [...]

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Mr Big is...

Here's a blast from the past!

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From the Sports Motorcycles Stable

Photo-Shoot Time! Sports Motorcycles Pre-89 Junior 750 - sporting this year's new graphics and weighing in at 127kg - no fuel.Sports Motorcycles Pre-89 Senior Unlimited - Spondon Chassis from 1988. This was one of two prototypes made for evaluation by Steve Wynne before the full batch was produced by Spondon engineers. Weighs in at 170kg [...]

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Mike Hailwood's Best TT Race?

"Mike was faced with the agony of riding with no protection for his face at 160mph. The rain was needles on his face, water swilled into his goggles and beaded the outside until he was riding almost blindly round the world's most dangerous circuit. As if this wasn't enough to worry him, there was more trouble [...]

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Name the Riders!

Steve Wynne of Sports Motorcycles used to race his own bikes. Here's a couple of photos from the archives taken from one of the first Sports Motorcycles team outings. Check out that cool van! Steve is the guy second from the right. Anybody recognise the others?Steve on number 52, looking very determined!

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Mike Hailwood's Contract with Sports Motorcycles, 1978

Here's another treasured piece of Sports Motorcycles history: The contract that sealed Mike's partnership with Sports Motorcycles for the extraordinary 1978 Isle of Man TT.And there's more to come, so keep checking back.

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