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REVIEW REEL : Sports Valve

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Smooth your ride with the Sports Valve, for fully-adjustable, easy-access damping control. 

Made to make life more comfortable, by Sports Motorcycles Ltd.

"It's like a new bike." REVIEW OF THE SPORTS VALVE

Review of the SPORTS VALVE by Errol Johnson from New Zealand. Errol races a Honda CB900F and has been testing his new valves out at Pukekohe Park."Thanks so much for the work you did on my CB900FA Post Classic bike, it is like a new bike, soaking up the lumps at the recent Pukekohe meeting [...]

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"My bike is noticeable more stable with no more pattering mid-corner." REVIEW OF THE SPORTS VALVE

Review of the SPORTS VALVE by Brett Williams from Australia. Brett recently fitted Sports Valves to his Ducati Pantah 650 and owns many other beautiful machines. "My bike is noticeably more stable on the braking with no more pattering mid-corner. Very impressed! Seriously thinking about fitting the Sports Valves to all my bikes, otherwise I'll [...]

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The Sports Valve : Motorcycle News Australia Oct/Nov 2016

Many thanks to journalist Terry Stevenson for the comprehensive article on Sports Valves featuring in the last edition Motorcycle News Australia."The design is a boon for owners of older racebikes looking for a level of fork fine-tuning to cut lap times. Once fitted, you can enjoy a safer riding experience knowing the front end will [...]

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"The SPORTS VALVES have made noticeable improvements to the front end and it feels extremely planted."

" I have just installed your valves into the forks of my Harris GSX and been to the Shorai. I thought it handled well before, but it's even better. The valves have made noticeable improvements to the front end and it feels extremely planted. Corner entry under heavy braking and mid corner speed are [...]

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Sports Valves are a great bit of kit that are a true alternative to cartridges!

Review of the new SPORTS VALVE by Mitch Mulligan from Australia. Mitch rides a Ducati TT2 and can often be found racing round Sydney Motorsport Park."I finally found a solution to the front end patter issue that plagues many older bikes at Eastern Creek / Sydney Motorsports park. Sports Valves have given me the control [...]

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With these fitted, my lap times make me look like a hero!

Review of the new SPORTS VALVE by Philippe Bernard from Belgium. Phil's pride and joy is a Yamaha TZ350 and he hates anyone else touching it."Fitted these at my home in my TZ350. I am blown away by the difference it has made. Fork patter has disappeared. And my lap times, they make me look [...]

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Glyn Robinson on the New SPORTS VALVE by Sports Motorcycles

What make of motorcycle is the Sports Valve suitable for?Almost every model currently fitted with damper rods will benefit from a Sports Valve. It is not designed for a cartridge-style fork. We’ve fitted the valves in a wide variety of forks with great success, though there are a small number of forks that won’t co­nform. I have developed [...]

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My lap times were 3 seconds a lap quicker than my previous best ever...

Review of the new SPORTS VALVE by Mark Halls. Mark lives in Auckland and races a Norton twin in the NZ National Classic Series. "Thank you for the Sports Valves you fitted to my forks for me - the improvement they have made is incredible. [...]

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