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When is a Lathe not a Lathe?...

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... When it's a Gun Drill!

A short video on drilling out the solid magnesium Marzocchi fork leg castings.

Anatomy of a Frame

Cr-moly sae 4130 TT1 Frame by Sports Motorcycles Ltd, manufactured in-house. Tig-welded and adjustable for rear ride height. Contact us for more information.

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Name the Riders!

Steve Wynne of Sports Motorcycles used to race his own bikes. Here's a couple of photos from the archives taken from one of the first Sports Motorcycles team outings. Check out that cool van! Steve is the guy second from the right. Anybody recognise the others?Steve on number 52, looking very determined!

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Glyn Robinson on the New SPORTS VALVE by Sports Motorcycles

What make of motorcycle is the Sports Valve suitable for?Almost every model currently fitted with damper rods will benefit from a Sports Valve. It is not designed for a cartridge-style fork. We’ve fitted the valves in a wide variety of forks with great success, though there are a small number of forks that won’t co­nform. I have developed [...]

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The NEW Sports Valve for Fully Adjustable Damping Control : NOW AVAILABLE

A new low-cost, high-tech solution to the shortcomings of damper-rod forks is finally available.The ‘Sports Valve’ from Sports Motorcycles Ltd, transforms the dynamic performance of classic damper rod forks without affecting their outward appearance.This system allows fully adjustable control of both compression and rebound damping performed by simple external access. A low mechanical skill requirement also means they can [...]

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