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The NEW Sports Valve for Fully Adjustable Damping Control : NOW AVAILABLE

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A new low-cost, high-tech solution to the shortcomings of damper-rod forks is finally available.

The ‘Sports Valve’ from Sports Motorcycles Ltd, transforms the dynamic performance of classic damper rod forks without affecting their outward appearance.

This system allows fully adjustable control of both compression and rebound damping performed by simple external access. A low mechanical skill requirement also means they can usually be fitted by the user in their home workshop.

These small units are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit fork diameters from 32mm to 43mm. They fit into the suspension in much the same way as a traditional emulator.

However, unlike the traditional emulator, the Sports Valve has the addition of 30 clicks of rebound adjustment as well as fully controllable compression damping.Both hydraulic circuits are easily and independently adjusted by means of a special 10mm diameter tool passed down into the fork tube which locates onto the valve.

Any compression and/or rebound adjustments are performed in mere seconds with the benefit of little or no oil being lost in the process as the valves always remain in situ within the fork assembly.

Each kit comprises of a pair of valves (chosen from the order form to suit your stanchion bore) and one adjusting tool.

The ‘Sports Valve’ is an affordable and extremely effective alternative to the retro-fit cartridge systems available.

The product is currently under patent application. It has been developed and extensively tested by Sports Motorcycles own Ducati race team.

All sizes available from stock at Sports Motorcycles Ltd, New Zealand.



PRICE: $400 NZD per kit, + global shipping (plus any import taxes)