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Last Hurrah of Steve and the 1978 Mike Hailwood Ducati

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As a special tribute for Mike Hailwood’s 60th anniversary of his first race at Castle Combe in the UK, the Sports Motorcycles team bikes will be run at the event this coming 8th and 9th of July

This may well be that last time the bikes will ever be seen or run as they are now in a private collection in New York.

It is widely recognised that the historic victory at the IOM TT in 78 saved the Ducati factory from extinction when they produced 7500 Hailwood Replicas and later 2000 Hailwod Evolutions.

Steve Wynne would like to see as many of these bikes (and other Ducatis) turn up for a great party at Castle Combe. The Hailwood family will be there including the new Mike Hailwood (grandson) A special prize will be given to the best Hailwood Replica judged by Steve & Pauline Hailwood.

If you would like more information, contact the Ducati Owners Club UK :

or Steve Wynne via :

Mr Big is...

Here's a blast from the past!

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Mike Hailwood's Best TT Race?

"Mike was faced with the agony of riding with no protection for his face at 160mph. The rain was needles on his face, water swilled into his goggles and beaded the outside until he was riding almost blindly round the world's most dangerous circuit. As if this wasn't enough to worry him, there was more trouble [...]

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Mike Hailwood's Contract with Sports Motorcycles, 1978

Here's another treasured piece of Sports Motorcycles history: The contract that sealed Mike's partnership with Sports Motorcycles for the extraordinary 1978 Isle of Man TT.And there's more to come, so keep checking back.

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A letter from Mike Hailwood : After the 1978 TT

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'Mike Hailwood’s TT Winning Ducati : The Inside Story' by Alan Cathcart

(from an article written by Alan Cathcart and printed in Motorcycle Classics, 2009)Thirty-one years ago, Mike “The Bike” Hailwood stunned the motorcycling world when he emerged from 11 years of self-imposed retirement to win the Formula One TT at the Isle of Man on a specially prepared 883cc Ducati V-twin. A week later he rode to victory at Mallory [...]

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Whatever Happened to Steve Wynne? (by Steve Wynne)

Mike Hailwood’s iconic and legendary F1 World Championship win on the Sports Motorcycles Ducati brought Steve’s Sports Motorcycles to the the attention of the world and boosted Ducati sales, as they went on to produce a staggering 7,500 Hailwood Replicas.But there were also many Sports Motorcycles success stories with world class riders and events over [...]

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